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Happy Friday! I feel like it's been a very long journey to make it to today. But we did it. Al's headed to a bachelor party in Austin, TX today so it's just me and Lily this weekend. For those of you who didn't see on instagram, we spent all yesterday at the vet trying to figure out why our sweet girl was in pain - she was visibly trembling and shaking and wouldn't lie down or eat. It was pretty scary for awhile when we thought she may have something wrong with one of her organs or had swallowed a "foreign object". But, luckily, she just has a bad back. Pain meds and rest for two weeks should make her better, but she'll always have this condition and we'll have to watch for flare ups. So a weekend of minimal activity for me and Lily Mayo. Sounds just perfect, actually.

While we're snuggin, check out these links I'm loving from the web this week.


LOVED loved loved this article. I might need to write a separate post dedicated to it.

J.Crew factory has 40 - 60% off right now. (+ 25% off if you use your J.Crew card on orders over $125 with code CARDPERK) Just picked up a bunch of essentials for Al for spring/summer at a steal! He's excited about these kicks.

A well deserved homage to a very famous and classic New York restaurant. Have you been?

So inspired by this. Two years until I'm 30, but taking notes and making changes now.

Made me laugh. Frozen fans you must watch. So cute.

Made me smile. A lot. And I agree - all kids should grow up with a dog.

Made me cry. Looks like a great cause too.

A good book for picky eaters.

Speaking of books, I'm a big fan of Maggie Shipstead. Her new book just came out and looks so good!

What beautiful floors (and the entire home for that matter). 

And finally, an important and valuable test of the whole 'open wine with your shoe' thing.


Have a cozy weekend!

{image of Lily by me using the Waterlogue app}

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