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Heyo!  Crazy week at work this week - we have a big event going on all week and everyone seems to be a little stressed and a lot tired. I'll feel much calmer on Friday when it is all over.  

So in light of all the madness, it'll be a light week this week on The Rose Record, but wanted to pop in quickly with our weekend recap. Here are a few photos...

Friday was Halloween. This is as close to a jack-o-lantern that I got... (view from my office)

Last week I was giving Al a hard time that I have learned tons of recipes so that we can eat nice meals and he doesn't even know how to make me one of my favorite drinks (a Hendrick's dry dirty martini). He surprised me and when I got home Friday from what was a verrrrry long week my bartender had my drink waiting. ☺

Saturday was raining and gloomy. Perfect day for reading every last word of Ina's new book and snugging Lily girl. (P.S. The book is amazing. I'm totally using her make-ahead turkey for Friendsgiving this year).

In between rain showers, I went and had a life altering procedure done. I got my eyebrows tinted. I have very light eyebrows for someone with naturally dark brown hair - it appears that I only have half an eyebrow if I don't fill in the blonde hairs on the outer edges. While I've been growing my brows out for awhile (painful, painful process), I think tinting them I was the part that I was missing. No more coloring in! Hello new face! And I then I texted a photo of my eyeball to my mom and friends for validation. (yes, I just ranted for a paragraph about my eyebrows. #vanity).

Saturday night I had planned a little surprise evening for Al to cheer him up for The Royals losing the World Series. Our first stop was Hudson Bar & Books for some cocktails. Such a fun old school place. Warning though, it is a cigar bar so if you can't stand cigar smoke, probably not the best spot for you. I picked the spot not just for its giant whiskey and scotch menu, but also because James Gandolfini used to drink there and Al is obsessed with him (R.I.P.).  

Drinking among books. And taking selifes among bathrooms with book wallpaper. Mostly took this as evidence that my hair is getting longer. And that I'm wearing that damn striped Ann Taylor shirt again.  (Poncho turtleneck thing also from Annie T's.)

Our second stop was one of Al's favorite restaurants ever - Minetta Tavern. Such a warm, homey spot and we had a nice corner booth near the kitchen window where I could watch the chefs expedite. Bone marrow, a Minetta Burger, and a pregnant Liv Tyler spotting later and we were happy.

Thanks to daylight savings time, we woke up super early on Sunday. Early enough for pumpkin pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. After that huge meal, I'm surprised we didn't go back to bed.

Since our Royals Baseball Anxiety was laid to rest, it was time to move on rooting for our next home team - The Chiefs. 

And then it was home to do important adult things in prep for my conference this week. Like wash my tights. It is a glamorous life I lead. Let me tell you.

Another crucial part of preparing for my busy week - a big pot of soup to last us all week. Super Simple Crock Pot Potato Soup. Easiest recipe ever.

Ended the weekend fighting off the Sunday scaries with some family snugs.

And the benefit of doing the Weekend recap mid-week -- the weekend is almost here and this awful, long, tense week is almost done. Deep breaths people. Almost over.

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