weekend recap

What a weekend! Those games - oh so heartbreaking. Here's hoping the Royals can stop them tonight. As I said Friday, our weekend revolved around baseball. But we did manage in a few other fun tid bits. Here are a few photos...

Saturday morning grocery orders with the help of my best friend, Lily and the Recipes Section on The Rose Record. Someone commented on my instagram how nice it would be to be able to order your groceries and let me just tell you, it is even better than you think. Love you long time Fresh Direct!

Since the grocery shopping was all done and the sun was shining, we headed to Central Park for some serious fall strolling. I took my good camera along too and it was worth it. The City was looking good. Reallll good. 

^^ Trees on one side

^^ City on the other

A little KC love while falling in love (again) with NYC.


^^ Hey girl hey!

^^ I don't know those people, but had to capture the cute moment.

 After a great win on Friday night, we decided to head out for the game on Saturday. To the one place in New York that you know you'll be with other Kansans...John Brown Smokehouse. Where I met a stranger in my exact same outfit (not pictured matching jeans and converse). 

Royals looked good first few innings. Time to eat some KC bbq...in Queens.

And then the bad part started...and didn't stop. I'd like to call this series of photos "man mid-heartbreak". 

Sunday we diagnosed ourselves with RBA - Royals Baseball Anxiety. Thankfully, there are things to combat RBA such as... 

simmering meat sauce for baked ziti....

...and reading with a pup (finished this book. The ending will shock you!)...

...making healthy lunches for the week...

...napping with a pup...
^^ #selfie
...assembling two giant pans of baked ziti...

...and loading up a dinner package for friends and their new ADORABLE baby.

Seriously though, our friend's baby is a little nugget of joy. Oh sweet Genevieve we love you already! 

After a quick baby visit, it was back home for some baked ziti of our own and another sad, sad, game for the Royals. Womp womp.  Did you know that carbs and cheese and meat sauce help with Royals Baseball Anxiety?

Quick! A distraction to help alleviate some of this Royals Baseball Anxiety! I know, a cute Lily pic will help!

Minus all the RBA and losing and stuff, not a bad weekend. Hope you're managing your Royals Baseball Anxiety too. 

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