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I thought Al would make a better author for today's post after The Royals' tough loss in Game 7 last night. Here is Al's first blog post... ☺ 

I have been a Royals fan all of my life. Literally. I was three months old when they won the World Series in '85. Loving the Royals for the past 29 years hasn't been easy. I grew up going to games with my Dad and year after year the Royals finished in last place and were mostly irrelevant to the broader baseball world.But while those games didn't "matter" to the casual baseball fan, they certainly mattered to me.

Over the past month, I have experienced the joy (and agony) of playoff baseball. I traveled on planes and trains to follow this team, and spent countless hours comparing notes with friends and family. The Royals came up just short in the end, primarily as the result of what was arguably the greatest pitching performance in World Series history. Although this loss will hurt for some time, that pain will never compare to the euphoria that was this past month.  

Thank you to the Royals for giving me the greatest experience of my life as a sports fan.  

- Al Rose

P.S.  Before the game yesterday, Al told me that the only other day he'd felt like that was our wedding day.  (Good thing one of those days turned out well.)

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