happy halloween // friday finds

Happy Halloween!!  

Lily has two costumes this year...

A Royals player (obvi) and a sweet little lady bug. 

We have no Halloween-related plans (I'm not all that crazy about this holiday). Only thing on our books this weekend is a surprise evening I've arranged to knock him out of his Royals funk. Calling it "Make Al Happy Even Though The Royals Lost The World Series Evening". Still working on the title though.

For those of you going out tonight - be safe and hold hands. For those with little kiddos at home, have the best time.  I love kids at Halloween. 

Finds from the week below. Enjoy.  ↓


Love this story.

Oh no. (I LOVE Fireball, btw.)

We should have done one of these for Lily.

I'd like to think KC would have reacted better than this.

Wow. A bit better than my french bulldog pumpkin...

On marriage. (YES!)

One of my goals in life - END ALL CLUTTER!

My kind of drinking game. "How easy was that?!"


Happy Halloween and Happy Weekend!

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