weekend recap

Happy Monday! How was the weekend? Ours was just lovely in that we-didn't-do-that-much lovely sort of way. Here are a few snaps...

Friday night we headed to our friends' 6th annual pumpkin carving party. Always a good time and this year didn't disappoint, even though, Al was unable to successfully execute his Royals Pumpkin (see last year's Chiefs Pumpkin). 



^^ My attempt at a Lily pumpkin. Kinda looks like a french bulldog.  Kinda looks like a koala. 

I brought salted caramel pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to the party. I posted this photo on instagram and you people freaked out. It's not my recipe - it's from here and they are perhaps the best thing in the world (besides Lily). 

^^ CARAMEL INSIDE!!  (Also, gross, get a manicure, Katie.)

Saturday we were up early to spend our day outside in the beautiful weather. Except the 70 degrees and sun we were promised was more like 62 and partly cloudy. Especially over by the water. Brr! I'm still mad about it (can you tell?). Either way, Lily got to play and we had lunch on the water. And then hurried home to warm up.

^^ She loves riding in the subway thanks to her bag from Love They Beast!

^^ Apple tree at the dog park. And those blue skies lasted about 5 minutes. :( 

Saturday evening we met our friends Megan and Matt for a few drinks before they headed to a concert and we went to a movie. Except we lollygagged walking from the restaurant to the theater and missed the show by about ten minutes. If we really wanted to we could have just gone in - heck the previews were still probably going. But it was one of those times where we weren't mad at all to go home instead. I made some pasta, we poured some drinks, and watched a movie at home. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

Ah, Sunday. I really do love our Sundays. We don't do anything spectacular - we mostly do chores and stuff, but I just love it. I think because the expectation is to stay close to home and be together. I'm in the kitchen, Al is working in the living room, Lily is back and forth between the two of us. It is one of those things I can't describe, it just feels good and home-y.

^^ Walk home from the park.
^^ This dog lives for warm laundry out of the dryer. The reason why all of our clean clothes have dog hair on them.

^^ #SundaysAreForNaps  (p.s. We gotta get Al to learn the focus feature on his iPhone)

And dinner didn't break from the comfy trend we had going.  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts. A meal that reminds me so much of my Grandma Susie (except she would serve corn not 'sprouts.)

And some reading before bed with my partner in snugs.  Helluva way to close out the weekend.

Hope you had a weekend that was just as cozy. Here's to a quick week and some wins for the Royals!

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