weekend recap

What a gorgeous fall weekend!
We had spectacular weather. 
I just love that crisp in the air.
Perfect for being outdoors...and sleeping.
Which pretty much sums up our weekend. 

Here are a few photos...

Friday night was wine and food mags.
Annnd we feel asleep at oh, 10pm...

...and didn't wake up until 10am!
It was a glorious, glorious slumber.

Saturday we met our friends and their darling little girl at Madison Square Park for Kids Fest.
So many fun things for the kids to do...

...and so many kiddos for Lily to watch.

Big kid.  Little pumpkin.

So glad it's back!  Madison Square Eats for lunch.

This is the carne asada quesadilla form Calexico.
I would like to eat it every day for every meal. 

Our friends just moved back to New York.
Their daughter, Charlotte, already has this place figured out.

It's so fun to see what interests kids the most.
All those fun Halloween booths and she'd much prefer to sit by the fountain.
I'm with you Charlotte, sometimes you just need to stop and look at the leaves.

On the way home, Al decided he needed a larger pumpkin.
And then he came up with the difficult plan to carve the Chiefs arrowhead into it.
So we poured ourselves some beer coffee and go to work.

^^ pumpkin guts. the worst part of the carving process
^^ serious concentration

He did it!

Then it was time to break out the beer. :) 

Saturday night plans were cancelled thanks to whatever allergies/head cold I've had for the past week.
This time bedtime was at 9:30 with a little face up next to mine.

Sunday, thanks to tea and DayQuil, I was feeling better (sort of) and ready for baking.
But first I had to find the molasses I knew was in our cabinet.
Or so I thought...

Two hours later the cabinets were organized and my cookies were finally done.
Whole wheat pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
Check back tomorrow for the recipe!

And finally, we went to Johnny B's to watch the Chiefs.
And our KC/NYC t-shirts came in.

Ended the weekend with tea time with our new roomie.
Our dear friend Jolie is staying with us for the next two weeks.
Happy to have a fourth set of legs (Lily's count!) on the pallet. :) 

Hope you had a lovely fall weekend.
Cheers to an easy week!

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