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Oh hello!  Thanks for bearing with me last week in my absence.  Our big event at work went well and the best part is that it's over for another whole year. We had a pretty low-key weekend - lots of resting.  Here are a few photos...

Friday night I pretty much crashed. It was thai take out, a glass of wine, and the couch. I couldn't even muster up enough energy to go to our local go-to Friday night spot, Friedman's. Lily was okay with this plan.

Having gone to bed at 9pm Friday night, I was up early Saturday. These two on the other hand weren't with me on my early rising.

I headed out for my hair appointment - no cut this time, just a freshening of my highlights. Going to the salon is one of my favorite things ever, and it is even lovelier with this view from inside their brownstone in the West Village.

After a golden touch to my locks, I had to shop a little for a few specific items. I tell you, when you know what you want and are trying to get in and out quickly, it seems that all of New York is also in the store milling about getting in the way. Seriously, for just buying a scarf, a top, and some make up, I was gone 3 hours and spent most of that time waiting in lines to try on/check out. Remind me to do all my holiday shopping online this year. Woof. No pretty pictures because I was busy surviving the hell that is the Zara fitting room, but here's what I purchased if you're curious...

Dinner Saturday night was with our good friends Daniel and Sara at one of our favorites - Pagani. Again no photos because we were having such a grand time (I was off my game with the photos this weekend...weird). Side not about Pagani, they offered gluten free pasta so if you're g-free you should def check it out.

Image via Pagani

Sunday I did one of those wake up and start tidying the house turned into all out cleaning, organizing, and putting stuff away. It felt good to have everything back in its place and clean. We even cleaned Miss Mayo.

And then she helped me with some computer work. Seriously, this is how I type when I'm working from the couch. She has to be as close to me as possible. 

And then...big surprise...we napped.


We opted to not buy groceries this week - we both have stuff after work each night. So I scrounged through the fridge and found enough ingredients to whip up calzones for dinner. They didn't turn out half bad. And we have left overs for lunch this week. 

And let's close with a cute face shall we?  It'll help you through your Monday.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend! 

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