Hi! Did you think I forgot about you? I didn't. We've been having a rough week, both battling what we thought were colds. Turns out, we have sinus infections. I'm on the mend, but Al's just now in the worst of it. He's been travelling for work too, and now leaves tonight for a bachelor party. 

Which leads me to my next topic... since Al will be gone all weekend and his birthday is tomorrow, let's take a quick moment to wish him Happy Birthday, throwback style!

Happy birthday to the most thoughtful, hard working, and caring man. Thanks for making me laugh and feel loved every day. Love you long time, Ack Man! (p.s. what's with that Cubs hat?!)

One last update, because I know how much you guys care. I made a rash decision and chopped my hair off on Tuesday. Four inches gone! I've yet to take a decent photo of it, because it is a nasty humid mess here in New York (so not the weather for debuting a new 'do), but here's a little sneak peak.  I'm excited to curl it and play around with it a little more this weekend. Feels so good. Clean and chic and easy. And lighter too (although, I think some of the lightness in the photo is from the natural light. It's definitely not white at the bottom). We "painted" some of the strands in between the standard highlight foils for a more sun-kissed look. Perfect for summer. I'm pumped. Can't you tell by my awkward selfie face?

And while we're updating on The Rose Family, we can't forget our fearless leader boss, Lily Mayo. Here's her update. So, basically, no change.

Sorry for the light week. Hoping to get ahead of things this weekend while Al's away!

P.S. Past haircuts (1, 2, 3)

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