hair cut reveal

Apparently, y'all are very interested in my hair. 
Yesterday's haircut post had the most views ever of any post on here.
More than 9/11, more than our anniversary, and more than all those adorable Lily pictures

I'm assuming this means you want to see how it turned out.  
Well here you go (excuse the terrible lighting in this pic)
Pretty, right?  
It's much more caramel-y in real life. 
This picture with the horrible lighting makes it look yellow.  It's not.

Here's the before and after. 
Bailey at Damian West did a great job, per usual. 
He went for a warmer shade on the highlights on top.
Then used a toner all over to reduce the blondness and make it warmer.
Little off the length and some layers throughout and voila!
He's the best.  Go see him.

I hope this cured your curiosity about my hair you crazy kids.
Back later with a recipe!

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