weekend recap

What a weekend. I feel like we packed in a lot, but now, in hindsight, we didn't do all that much. I guess for me, it's not necessarily what we do, but that we're all together - the three of us - for it to be a good weekend. Here are a few photos...

Friday after work we kept it low key. I've been batting an awful cold so we popped over to Broadway Bites to grab food to take home. Broadway Bites is basically just like Madison Square Eats - a lot of great food vendors all lined up in a little parkway. But the best part about Broadway Bites is that no one knows about it yet! It was far less crowded and hardly any lines.

Al got some noodle bowl from Bangkok Bar. I opted for the Beef Burrito from Seoul Lee Korean BBQ. Beef, kimchi, scallions, and a spicy sauce. So, so good.

Between my cold and eating that huge burrito, I didn't stand a chance at staying awake much longer. I think I made it through one episode of Orange is the New Black before crashing.

Saturday morning I headed to New Jersey with friends to celebrate our friend Sara at her bridal shower. It was such a beautiful day and it was so lovely to meet more of Sara's family. I love showers - it's so fun to connect with guests before the wedding. It makes the wedding that much more fun! Afterwards, we met up with the guys at a bar. We were slightly overdressed for the beer hall. ;)

Watched the sad horse race. I had this gut feeling that California Chrome was going to win it. I guess my gut was wrong. After that, I figured my luck (at surviving my cold) was just as good as ol' CC's so we packed it in and Al and I headed off to find someplace for an early dinner.

We settled on L&W Oyster Bar for dinner. It was on our way home and sounded just right. A tower of crustaceans and crudo to start. Followed by lobster rolls. I love how they use Parker House Rolls for their lobster rolls. You can sort of pull them apart and have three mini lobster roll sliders. It's fun. And tasty.

And a great bottle of rosé to go along with all of it. Did you know rosé is proven to help the symptoms of a summer cold? It's true. I'm living proof. Also, as a side note, I just love the black and white awnings and darling tea lights strung from the ceiling. Good job L&W!

Sunday we were up early (on account of going to bed at 10:30 Saturday. 10:30!) and headed with our little Lily Girl to the Upper West Side to a french bulldog meetup group. Or what I like to call, Frenchie Club. BTW, our Love Thy Beast carrier is saving our lives this summer. So easy to take Lily wherever with us now. She loves it too!

Happy little girl with her frenchie friends.

Stopped by our new favorite spot for lunch on the water - Pier i Cafe. We've been back-to-back weekends now. Great view of the water, good food, and they allow dogs. Here's how I saw Lil from my seat. I'd say she was a bit exhausted from running in the park. Made for a pleasant meal with out begging. Maybe we're on to something here...

Back at home I attempted to lay out. I lasted about an hour and a half. I think we're at the point in the summer where I need a body of water next to me if I'll be sunbathing. So hot. And so bright. Made headway through my 'homework' though. Some great stuff in this month's Domino.

Sunday afternoon doing what we do best - napping. I wonder if I'll ever become one of those people who can't nap. I'd say the odds are unlikely. I kind of want pillow cases made with our hashtag #SundaysAreForNaps. Perhaps a whole line of #SundaysAreForNaps merchandise? Yeah? Yeah? Errr, I'd probably be the only one to buy any of it...

Supper was an improvisation on a few recipes. Cheesy Greek quinoa vegetable bake and some roasted Greek-marinated shrimp. Recipes to come soon!

And now if I could only cut the Theraflu from my evening routine. So over this cold. It's so much worse when it's nice outside. Hey Universe, I promise not to complain next time you give me a cold in January as long as you stop this June nonsense.

Let's end on a positive note though. Lily here to offer some good advice for the week...

Hope you had a great weekend!
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