i got my haircut

Since my haircut posts are always so well received by everyone, I thought I should let you know:  I got my haircut last night.  Per usual, Bailey at Damian West did a fantastic job.  

He laughed at me (only a little - he does know me pretty well after years together) when I brought in my Photoshop inspiration pages.  Yes, I realize I'm a little crazy. 

First, let's take a look at the before photo.  I hadn't had my hair cut or colored since fourth of July weekend!  Whoa.  
It was too long - to the point it wasn't doing anything.  It just kind of hung there and felt heavy.  Not to mention the damaged ends (you can actually SEE them in the photo!  Ick!) and visible roots.  And it was too blonde for fall.  Lots of things needing correction.

Now on to the inspiration...

For the cut I wanted less dramatic layers and more one-length, but with lots of thinning out so it would feel light and full of movement.  As for the bangs/fringe in front, I was a little nervous, but Bailey thought it would work great and helped me get over that last little bit of hesitation about them.  We went with more wispy fringe in the front, similar to the photo on the right.  I was also excited about this new fringe because I wear my hair in a ponytail so much at work that I wanted something that looked a little prettier when my hair was back.

For the color I wanted to get my copper tones back.  We went lighter back in July for the summer which I loved.  But after a few months of sun and washes, some of the brassiness was back.  We opted to do a darker copper color - the same color I usually use in the fall - but also added in a few low lights.  After rinsing the color, Bailey also applied a glaze over my whole head to tone down the brassiness.

And here's the after.  Excuse the awkwardness.  Clearly I need a class on how to take good selfies.
(There's something about the light in my hallway makes hair look blonder.  It's not this light in real life)

I love how the fringe looks too when my hair is half up or in a pony.
^^ LOVE the pony.  (p.s. do you like my flannel jammies?

And here's today after styling it myself.  I still need to best figure out how to blow dry the little bangs.  Practice makes perfect.
And a before and after for you.  I'm loving it.  It feels so fresh and bouncy!
BEFORE:                                                                                       AFTER:

And that concludes this haircut story.  
Sorry for the redic amount of pictures of my head.
Anyone else switching up their locks for fall?

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