weekend recap

What a weekend.
It was exactly what I wanted - productive, restful, and ended with friends watching a Chiefs win!  
Take a look...

I love the view from my office.  What spectacular light we had on Friday.

Friday night we officially decided that Friedman's (the new place in our neighborhood) is officially our Friday night spot.  It's so nice to be able to just walk a few steps to a nice, cute, affordable spot and enjoy good conversation with each other.  Also, they have this sign hanging (in the bathroom), so it pretty much sealed the deal for me.
^^ #truth
After dinner we went to get a donut for dessert (my new favorite thing to do).
I came out with a whole box.  Wups!
^^ P.S. that pumpkin donut on the bottom left is to die for.
Saturday morning Al woke up bright and early to go play golf. 
I slept in (it was glorious) and when I woke up he'd already sent me this photo.
Gorgeous view and great weather for a day outside.

Once I finally got out of bed, I tackled the most annoying chore ever:  switching out my closet for the season.  I'm not sure why I dread this task so much.  It's actually kind of fun to remember all the sweaters and jackets I had under the bed.  I think maybe I dislike it because I always have a moment of panic thinking "where am I going to put all this stuff?!!?"  T.G. for Space Bags.  Except when your darling dog bites one and it no longer seals.  Love her.

With the closet done (in record time), Lil and I headed to the park.  We just HAD to be outside in the beautiful weather.  We wandered the park for a good two hours, playing some, listening to the live music, and people watching.  Not a bad Saturday afternoon.

What a beautiful day.  Check out that light.
One of those views that makes you sigh and think "gosh I love this park/city/day/life".

Al came home from golf and we had one of those talks that goes something like this:
"So what do you want to do tonight?
 "I don't care.  I'm down for whatever, but I don't really want to get all dolled up."
 "Okay, me neither.  Um should we just go down to the village for dinner?"
"Um sure"
.... 5 minutes later...
 "Okay, I don't want to be a loser, but I don't really feel like going out"
"OMG me neither!  I thought you did so I was going along with it.  Can we just stay in?"

...and in less than a minute we were on the couch in our soft clothes watching The Wonder Years.
Perfect night.

Sunday was all about the CHIEFS!
Since they were playing the Giants we were able to watch the game from home.
We had lots of friends over, ate lots of food, and had a great time.  

Also, this is what $25 worth of Velveeta looks like.
Thank you New York pricing.

Lily's best friend, Lucca, got a new baby sister over the weekend.
Meet Chewy.  She's 11 weeks old and so soft and snuggly.

Chiefs win!

This little family of mine.  Boy do they make life good.
Also, note how focused we are on Lily, per usual.  That dog is so loved.

Hope you had a happy weekend.

P.S. That Breaking Bad series finale?!?!?  We loved it!
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