a day at stone barns

I'm still telling anyone who will listen about our amazing meal a few months ago at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  Remember?

What I haven't shared with you yet though is how truly amazing the farm is at Stone Barns.  We did a little self-guided tour of the farm and were able to see the source for many all items that were on our plates the night before.  

Stone Barns isn't just a farm.  They call it a center for food and agriculture.  And that's exactly what it is.  There are so many educational moments from signs about what they're growing to classes to tours.  I sort of fell in love with the place.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.  I think you'll fall in love too.

^^ Our first sighting of the barns driving in.  It looks like it's from a painting or a book.

^^ Walking up to the main house.  We walked through this same archway the night before to go to the restaurant.  We made a stop in the visitors center to get some maps and guidance on how to best tackle the massive area.

^^ Our first stop was the green houses.  These were HUGE!

^^ This sign made me laugh.  "Weed everything."  Always.

^^ They grow tons of variety of flowers and have custom bouquets you can buy in the gift shop.  

^^ I love a good dahlia. 

^^ The greenhouses have retractable roofs.

^^  Next stop was the chicks.  I had to not think about why these chicks were on the farm (gulp). 

^^ Piggies!  Again, I had to think of it as a zoo and not think about the fate of these piggies. 

^^ We were laughing because Lily looks just like them when she lays on her side.  We have our own big fat pig at home.

^^ The lone pig.

^^ The piggies' dad.  He was HUGE!  He was loving wallowing in the mud.  They had him roped off in the woods where he was rooting up trees (you can see some in the background).  The caretaker said he would root up a 20' x 20' area in about two weeks.  Crazy!

^^ Our next stop was the sheep.  A real life Sheep Meadow!  A little different than the one in Central Park. 

^^ And in true farm fashion, a real life working sheep dog.  He was so cute just watching his herd.  Funny story - when we were first pulling up to the farm, we saw this dog sitting just outside of one of the fences.  We saw a truck pull up and a farm worker get out and start shaking her finger at him.  Apparently, he had escaped the pen!

^^ Next were the chickens.  We were there right at egg collecting time and tons of little kids were helping get eggs out of the coop.

^^ Big city Al unsure about the chickens.

^^ A stop by the bees.  They paint the houses in bright colors to attract the bees.

^^ This guy wasn't too happy.

^^ We didn't make it in to the vegetable fields.  I regret that now.  We had so many tasty things from here during our dinner.

^^ The back of the "barn".  This is the path we exited after our meal.  We ate one of our courses in the "shed" that you see covered in ivy on the right.  I think the whole thing looks like a fairy tale house.

^^ On the other side of the "shed" they have their herb harden.

^^ A walk back around to the front.  (KKG girls, I think it sort of looks like the Kappa house at KU.)

^^ We got our lunch from the Blue Hill Cafe (a walk-up and order counter with a huge variety of baked goods, sandwiches, salads all made with the farm's produce).  We ate it in this other flower garden that you see above.
^^  Lunch.  I can't even explain how good all of this tasted.  Farm-fresh produce really does  make such a difference.

^^ Our view while we ate. 

^^ I was so happy out there.  What a great day.  I loved being outside, learning about new technologies for growing and harvesting food, and spending time with Al on a field trip.  I would love someday to volunteer or help work on the farm.  I was so in love.  

Stone Barns - we'll be back!

Pretty darling little place, right?  And they have so much stuff to see!  For those of you with kids in the area, you have to take them to Stone Barns.  For those of you without kids, still go.  You'll love it.  So much fun and learning and beauty.  And such an easy day-trip to get out of the city.


{photos by me}
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