weekend recap

Hi guys!
How was your weekend?
I'm happy to report that I'm feeling human again after a crazy week of work.
We are rested, our house is tidy, and we had a productive weekend.
Here are a few photos...

Friday night we checked out Friedman's, a new restaurant in our neighborhood.
Hey have a stall at Chelsea market but this is their first brick-and-mortar place.
The interior is so cute. Subway tile, wood beams, and pretty light fixtures.

Great menu with a variety of dishes - I wanted everything.
We'll definitely be back.  Might even make it our Friday night spot.
I got the pastrami and holy cow it was huge.  I barely could eat half.
Oh, and in the background those are sauted brussels sprouts with shaved pecorino cheese all over them.  #drool

Saturday the diva that lives with us demanded some snugs.

She finally let us leave so that Al could go to the Yankees game while I shopped for quite awhile.
Btw, the stores were PACKED.  
I actually avoided some of my favorite places because they were so crowded.
Still managed to pick up quite a few goods (+ a lot of stuff for Al!).  
I'll share soon.

Saturday night we had dinner with friends in Brooklyn at Reynards the Wythe Hotel.
This was my first time visiting Wythe.
Very awesome place.
I feel ten times cooler just being there.

We had a great Sunday.
I love Sundays where we get stuff done, while also doing our favorite things...
...like going to the park...

...and visiting the pet store (it was closed. She was PISSED!)...

...and decorating for fall...

...and sharing Sunday supper dear friends who are moving across the globe.
(I made these short ribs and they were so good. A great fall dish; very hearty.)

Annnnnddddd then we ate cake and watched the Emmys with Cassi and Michael.
They leave New York this week.
Going to miss them so. darn. much.
Singapore is so lucky.

Now if only instead of working today I could be back at the park with this stinker.

Cheers to a quick five days!
Here's to hoping this one doesn't turn me into a zombie like last week.
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