easter brunch menu

Looking for some last minute recipes for your Easter Brunch?
Here are a few ideas.
The best part is they can all be prepared ahead of time so all you have to worry about is popping a few things in the oven when you get home from church.

Make all of these for a well rounded brunch menu.
Or choose your favorite to take to a potluck. 

For brunch I like to serve one main "sweet" item, such as my favorite homemade cinnamon rolls.
These are most definitely a must-have item.

I also like to have one "savory" item.  
These healthy egg cups are perfect for making ahead of time.
Under-bake them a little initially, and then pop into the oven for the final five minutes of cooking.
Want to make them a little fancier? 
Try using a combination of spinach and goat cheese. 
Yum yum.

I also like to offer something a little more "lunchy".  
After all, it is brunch and not breakfast.
How about some lightened-up chicken salad served on croissants?

And keep dessert simple with these cream cheese cookies.
You could even ice them to look like little Easter Eggs.
Or nestle them in some Easter grass and inside celo bags for cute party favors.
Add some fresh fruit, orange juice, and the optional bloody mary, and you've got yourself one tasty Easter Brunch. 


{photos by me}
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