weekend recap

What an incredible weekend.
Tons of time with my girlfriends, TWO KU WINS, and a grilled cheese contest.
Sounds about like perfection. 
Here are a few photos.

Friday night KU played late (okay, late for me - 10pm).  
We March Madness-ed from home with some Atomic Wings.

Lil helped me bake a cake before the game.
She's really good at cleaning the beaters.

Saturday was time for brunch with my girlfriends - "The Rubies".
My dear friend Cassidy hosted this year and everything was perfect.
I mean, look at these darling favors.
(Cass is learning calligraphy. #heyjealousy)

We might have "brunched" for 12 hours straight.
The boys showed up around hour six.
Love our friends.
Perfect way to end the day - with a group sing along.

Sunday hit up The Big Cheesy Grilled Cheese Contest.
This was so fun, but I ate ten sandwiches in ten minutes so I could get back and watch the game.
Felt a tad ill because of it. 
Check out a full recap here.
My favorites were Murray's Classic 5 Cheese and Say Cheese's French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese.

Finished just in time for the second half (and a much better half to watch) of the KU game.
Finishing the weekend with a KU win was the icing on the cake, er the butter on the grilled cheese?

Looking forward to a four-day week and another KU game on Friday.  

{photos by me}
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