weekend recap

Oh Hey! How was your weekend? Ours was peachy. We went crazy and spent time...wait for it... OUTSIDE! Amazing how fifty degrees feels idyllic after months and months of low low temps. Time outside, meals with friends, and crossed some stuff off my to do list - just the kind of weekend I like. Here are a few photos...

Friday night we popped in our favorite frozen pizza (this one) and settled down for some serious relaxation.

Puppy, cocktail, and magazines. Perfect Friday night. We also watched Dallas Buyers Club. Incredible performances by both Matthew McConaughey & Jared Leto.

Saturday we met friends for brunch at Friedman's and then headed to the park with Miss Lily. That piano guy was back out. I just love him. (Sorry for the poor video quality. Lily kicked me in the beginning.)

I convinced Al and Lil to walk down to Madewell with me to buy some new jeans. I've been obsessed with the way my coated denim fit and wanted to snag a pair in a regular wash. I purchased these and I love them already. Lily, however, did not seem to want to do the whole fitting room thing. She kept trying to escape! People were cracking up at her little head peeking out from the curtain. (P.S. a new CLEAN leash will be purchased once all this slush is finally gone.)

Saturday night we met friends for dinner at Ditch Plains. I just love that spot - comfortable, good food, and great location. No photo because I was too engrossed in conversation (and my fish tacos). I did attempt to take a photo of our s'mores dessert, but it did not look very appetizing.

Sunday started with Lily in my face. She crawls right up by our heads in the morning and stares at us until one of us acknowledges her and pulls her in for snugs and pets. Sweet (spoiled) baby.

Sunday breakfast of omelettes and banana muffins (recipe tomorrow!), and clementines. Note of caution: do not attempt to make professional-looking omelettes while simultaneously sorting and putting clothes in the wash. These didn't get the attention they deserved, but they tasted good!

After trips to the gym, park, and grocery store later, we both camped out and got some work done. And then just like that the day was over. I hate how fast Sundays seem. 

Sunday supper consisted of gorgeous rib eyes we got for Christmas from my dad and Melanie (What, your family doesn't gift meat? You're missing out), smashed potatoes, and sauted kale. Do you see those little frenchie ears trying to sneak up on our dinner table? Hard to be sneaky with ears like that.

Ended the night attempting to watch the two hour episode of Downton Abbey. I made it about half way and then moved to this position and was quickly asleep. Are you surprised?

Cheers to an easy and quick week.  
I'm ready to weekend like that again already!


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