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Happy Friday! I am starting to think we're on the other side of this nasty winter weather. I've convinced myself that very soon there will be less of that ^^ slush and more sun. I really hope I'm right. Any plans this weekend? Al finished a huge thing at work this week and (finally) won't have to work as much this weekend. He requested that we "do fun stuff!". We have a few plans to catch up with friends and I am really hoping we can get some park time in for Miss Lily Mayo. "Fun stuff" for sure.

And now for the finds of the week:


Cooking rules from Bobby Flay. Love this entire article - some great recipes too.

A great response to the whole Gwyenth vs. Vanity Fair hubub. I'll keep my opinion of her to myself.

The Atlantic is featuring some of the videos that the American Archive of Public Broadcasting is preserving.   All are pretty awesome to watch.  My favorite is this one. I just love Julia (that meat cleaver!).

The list of James Beard Semifinalists are out. I use it as sort of my dining score card for the year - checking off where we've eaten and where we've eaten and where we need to go next.

Stumbled across this beautiful wedding dress designer. Look at the dress in this wedding! Stunning.

Made me laugh.  Even The New Yorker is hooked!

Love this video so so so much. I should interview my grandma. She'd have similar responses!

Wishing you a very happy weekend.  
Go do something fun!


P.S. Frenchie Umbrella! (Thanks, Allison)

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