weekend recap

Happy start of the week a day late.  I was home from work yesterday with a whole host of sickness symptoms. Feeling better today, but still have a doctor's appointment to confirm I'm on the road to recovery.  Despite feeling ill late Sunday night, we had a great weekend catching up with friends.  Here are a few photos...

Friday night Lily and I got a little bored waiting for Al to come home.  She just would not stop taking selfies. ;) 

^^ Outtake.

We met friends at Friedman's (where else) for dinner and then came up to our place for some after-dinner negronis.  I don't know why I never realized these were so simple to make - equal parts, gin, campari, and sweet vermouth.  And a big orange peel for garnish. 

Saturday I met my girlfriends for brunch at one of my favorite Mexican spots, La Palapa. Started with fruit and coffee ended with huevos rancheros and bloody Maria's.  Seems about right. 

The we did a little shopping.  It's been a long-running joke between me and my friend, Jolie, that I can never find a "good beanie".  Jolie has specific qualifications for what makes a good beanie good - mostly that it has enough room at the top for the slouch.  After a long search, I'm happy to report that we found one!  Say hello to my new good beanie (from Urban Outfitters).  I already feel cooler. 

Later we watched the awful, awful KU game.  And caught up with the "founder" of our group of girls, Miss Penny who was back visiting.  Miss you P!

Sunday we couldn't get our Fresh Direct delivery due to the Super Bowl road closures.  So instead of going to a physical grocery store (it's weird how that idea seems insane to me after years of delivery groceries), Lily and I hit the park.  Hard to believe it was 55 degrees on Sunday after it snowed and snowed all day yesterday.  Felt so good to be outside and back in our weekend place. 

Annnnd there was a piano player in the middle of the park.  Reason number 367 why this is the best city.

And then it was time for our Sunday nap.  Bonus points for full family participation. 

And dinner was made with what was in the house or from the deli next door.  That means a block of Velveeta Queso Blanco.  It was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law.  Seriously.  

Al and my dad texting before the Super Bowl.  Made me laugh.

Watched the Super Bowl.  Shoulda watched Downton.  Barely slept.  So Monday I did a whole lot of this:

Feeling better and have a lot of work to do today.  Hope you had a good one.  Only four days until the weekend!

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