friday finds

Mary Tyler Moore.

Oh hello!  Did you think I gave up on you?  I didn't.  I was dealing with our huge work conference all week. The madness is finally winding down and I'm starting to catch my breath. Except that now I have to take care of all the other stuff I was neglecting all week.  But!  It's Friday and the sun is shining and we have fun plans to go wine tasting with friends this weekend. And heavens do I need a glass of wine - or two, or three...

A few links for your weekend.  Not my usual amount because well, you know. 


Love this idea for party pics.  
Will be employing this at Friendsgiving 3.0 this year.

This bike rack is beautiful.
Now there's a sentence you don't typically see.

After this week, I think I need to try this beauty tip.

We're watching this documentary on Sunday.
Sam is friends with our sweet friend, Zoey.  I can't wait to watch his story.

The song that got me through the week.


Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

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