weekend recap

How was your weekend?
We had another splendid weekend.
Equal parts spent relaxing and with friends.
Here are a few photos...

Friday.  Hmm, Friday?  What did we do Friday?
Oh, that's right...I fell asleep at 9pm.  Foot to foot with my little Lily.  
(Excuse my non-pedicured foot.)

Saturday started with a pumpkin whoopie pie.
Because, why shouldn't it?

Then we headed off to Long Island to go wine tasting with friends.
Also, and this is important...
...first time I used a curling wand.
Still need to work on my technique a bit; but overall, happy with results.

At the first winery.

A little chilly, but still a beautiful fall Saturday.
Jo and I were happy about it!

All the gals...

...and the three boys.
Aka our photographers.

They seemed to still have plenty of fun.
I love catching them in a bro moment.

Oh!  I almost forgot.
There were sheeps (I firmly thing it is more fun to add an 'S' to sheep).
He only ate leaves.  So I fed him lots and lots.

Once we were at home it didn't take long for this to happen...
Sorry for all the feet pics, but I just love her little arm across me.

Sunday we tackled chores, watched Life According to Sam, and took a family walk.

The last of the leaves on the trees...

Dinner was clam chowder and cheesey bread.
Hit the spot.  Looking forward to leftovers tonight.

As with any weekend, we ended it curled up on the couch.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Here's to making it through the week!


P.S.  Happy Veteran's Day.  Thank you to everyone who serves and has served.  We cannot thank you enough for your dedication and service.
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