weekend recap

How was your weekend?
Ours was stellar.  
Beautiful weather, time with friends, and lots of good food.

Here are a few photos...

Friday we stayed in and caught up on our shows - Parenthood, Scandal, and Nashville.  
High quality stuff. :)
Oh, and we unrolled our new rug (and my new socks).

Saturday we met my friend from work and her daughter for lunch.
Obvi we went to Shake Shack to enjoy the beautiful weather...
...and eat this gorgeous burger.

I let my friend's daughter take some photos of Lily on my camera.
She did a great job!
12 years old and has a good eye.

I wish every day was like this past Saturday.
The weather, the trees, the city - it was a gorgeous time to be out and about.

Saturday night we met friends for dinner at Kutsher's Tribeca.
Fantastic meal and great location.
Followed by spiked cider at Smith & Mills.

Sunday started with eggs and toast...

...followed by a few hours in the office. Womp.
At least I had a pretty view.
The trees in central park are stunning right now. 

Pretty light on my walk home from work.
Marathon Sunday is the only time I don't mind the excess traffic in the city - everyone seems in such high spirits and I love seeing the runners in their foil wraps walking around.

We met our friend Joe who was in the marathon for dinner at The Breslin.
After working all day, I was't ashamed to sip a negroni...

...and eat this massive steak. 
(Al and I shared.  Don't be too alarmed).

Someone else was happy with our steak order.
Don't worry - her bone chewing was done under strict supervision.
(Notice the KU Snuggy rug protector.  So versatile, those snuggies.).

She quickly went into a bone coma state.

A perfect weekend before an insanely busy week at work.
Here's to survival.

{ photos by me and my 12 year old friend. :) }
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