friday finds

Happy Friday-before-a-three-day-weekend!  
Despite my initial thoughts that it would be quiet this week, Al and I both put in quite a lot of hours.  
We. are. wiped. (whats new?)  
Thankfully we have no real plans this weekend.  
A few picnics, a dinner out, and perhaps some barbecue ribs thrown in the mix.  
I hope you have a lovely weekend and soak up these last days of summer.  

Here's what I'm loving from around the 'net this week: 

Have you guys heard of the new book and movie coming out about J.D. Salinger?
Here's a great interview with the biographer/screenwriter to wet your whistle.

Lots of countdowns for you guys:
20 best food bloggers of all time (some of my favorites on this list)

A beautiful piece on marriage and partnership.
Loved loved loved it.

Do you wash your chicken?  
I only wash my whole roasters.
(article via Amateur Gourmet)

Currently reading this, and this.
One on my commute.
One before bed (and on Sunday afternoons).

Have a great weekend!
Remember when we used to sign our yearbooks in grade school H.A.G.S for 'have a great summer?' - Random.  Just thought of that.
H.A.G.W! ;) 


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