I always get a little depressed at the end of summer.  
Thankfully it's offset by the back to school excitement I feel around this time of year.
Despite having not attended school in five years, 
I still get the little flutter of anticipation to get back into a routine - 
to clean out my closets, 
to reorganize life, 
to set up new systems to for all the the meetings, mail, meals, and activities.
It's all so invigorating to a girl like me.  
So while this last week of summer comes to an end, 
I'm trying to focus not on the fact that it's over, 
but rather that with a new season comes the refresh and the routine that I so often need this time of year.

^^ And one more photo of peonies for the season.  j'adore.

{image and graphic by me}
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