weekend recap

Happy Monday Tuesday!
Gosh don't you just love three day weekends?
I feel like I actually am able to get all my 'chores' done and relax.
And the four-day work week that follows isn't bad either!

We had a great time just hanging out in the city.  Here are a few photos...

Friday night Al was working late (On a Friday? Yuck!) so it was just me and Lily.
We took a long walk and I looked up at one point to see the lights just coming on in the city.
It's crazy how easy it is at times to forget that we live here.

Saturday we were back at Yankee Stadium.
Al taught me how to keep score.
An older gentleman behind us thought it was so cool that I was learning (and that Al even knew how in order to teach me).
I really liked it!  It kept me more focused on the game and less on the food. :) 

Saturday night I finally got to see my girlfriends!
It felt like an eternity since we'd all been together.
Good thing we called each other and all agreed to wear black tanks...
(side rant:  WHY does red eye removal not recognize iphone zombie eyes? WHY?!)

Sunday we packed up our baseball mits, picnic sheet, and Lily(!) and headed to Brooklyn for a day in Prospect Park.
Look at our little subway traveler.
(Don't worry, we were law abiding and had her in her bag on the subway...most of the time.)

What a lovely day with friends.
Although it was about as muggy as a rain forest.

Prospect park gets two big points over Central Park because: 
1.) They let you grill inside the park.
2.) They let you bring dogs (on leashes) into the field areas.

Sunday night we met our dear friends visiting from Dallas for a delicious steak dinner (LOVE Del Frisco's).
Afterwards we popped by The Campbell Apartment for a night cap.
Such a beautiful bar.  And so crazy to think it really was once some dude's office inside Grand Central.

Not going to lie, I was pretty happy when I woke up Monday and it was raining.
A perfect day to hibernate on the couch with a book and a pup.

In between naps, we played with the smallest bone ever.
Did you guys see my instagram video?  
My new hobby is getting her little bone out from under the furniture.
It's not nearly as much fun as it sounds.

For the record, we did leave the house on Monday.
Once the rain cleared we went to the park...
...and picked up Chinese for dinner. :) 

Hope you had a recharging weekend.
Here's to a quick four day week!

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