mother's day gift guide

"OMG I can't believe it's May!" (#shitgirlssay)
But really, it's May!
That means time to think Mother's Day Gifts.

Here are ten of my favorites that I'm sure your mom will love.
(No peeking, Pegs!)

mother's day gift guide
mother's day gift guide by theroserecord

1 - Peony Oil Painting - $65
How stunning is this?
A gorgeous 5X7 canvas for which she can surely find a spot in her home.
Pink peonies not her thing (I can't imagine why)?
Check out the other great paintings in the Yvonne Wagner Studio Shop.

2 - Paisley Tray - $30
I'm from the world where one can never have enough serving trays.
This tray's so cute it would make a box of graham crackers look chic.
Although, I'd be more likely to dump a bag of  Mint Milanos on it and call it good.

3 - Flower Studs - $58
I'm moderately completely obsessed with these earrings.
I love the white color for spring and summer.
I love that they're big enough to be a statement.
But not too big that you can't wear them with everyday jeans.
And they seem like something my mom would like, but wouldn't necessarily buy for herself.
Behold, the perfect gift.

4 - Lidia Bastianich Gift Box - $30
I love Lidia (I even met her!), so much so that we had our rehearsal dinner at her restaurant in KC.
I also love Eataly - it's sort of Heaven on Earth.
Give your mom two of my favs with this Lidia gift box from Eataly.
Lidia's homemade pasta and sauces sent to mom's door, Wine Night ready.

5 - 10 Things I Love About Mom Card - $5
My 'blog friend' made these super cute cards for her stationery Etsy shop.
What a cute way to personalize a note to mom.
And at only $5, you really have no excuse not to give one of these.

6 - Teal Bloom Necklace - $34
I don't know about you, but I'm always trying to get my mom to embrace new "trends".
She's loving the statement necklace right now, so why not get her another one for her rotation.
Love the color of this necklace; it can be the perfect pop of color for an otherwise ordinary outfit.

7 - Picnic / Gardening Tote - $32
This is just too darn cute.
And it comes with tools!
And such a good price!
Mom not of the gardening variety? 
That's okay because I think this would make a perfect picnic tote.
Looks like some wine bottles would fit perfectly in those side pockets. :) 

8 - Printed Stripes Tote - $68
Speaking of totes, don't you totez love this tote? (sorry.)
While you could definitely picnic with this one too, I see it as more of a carry-all for mom.
Perfect for the airplane, office, or running errands.
And how fresh is that bold strip on the front?

9 - Four Frenchies Gift Box - $40
No, not frenchies as in the bulldogs (but I do recommend those too as a gift), French as in cheese!
Four varieties of some of the best French Cheese around, straight from the famous Murray's Cheese Shop.
This might be a gift you give her and then invite yourself over to share it. :) 

10 - Aveda De-Stress Gift Set - $66
As you may recall, I recently purchased a boat load of beauty products.
One of which was Aveda's de-stress soaking salts.
Oh man do I love these.
The scent is relaxing with out smelling like artificial (know what I mean?)
Mom will definitely be happy with this de-stress set with lotion, soaking salts, and concentrate.
Trust me. This is gooooood.

Find a gift for your mama?
She deserves the best.
After all, there is no one else like mom.


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