Missing this great state. My summer feels incomplete without a trip to Texas.

New years are about change right? New goals, new routines, new states...

Yes, that's right. New states. Not as in a new state of mind (although there will probably be that too), but a new state in which to live. A state that is big in more ways than one. A state with a whole lot more space. A state with people who value the convenience of the conjunction "y'all". 

Enough beating around the bush (presidential pun intended). We're moving to Dallas, Texas y'all! I know, it's crazy. I still can't quite wrap my head around it - partly because we just made the decision and partly because we're moving in two weeks. Yes, two weeks. Here's a little background. I'll try to keep the emotional rants to a minimum.

Over the past few months Al and I have been talking about next steps for our family. The type of life we want to live, how we want to spend our time, where we want to raise kids some day. And unfortunately, as much as we love this tremendous city, it just can't provide us with the life we want. We both grew up with lawns, and cars, and public schools. Where the baby sitter was a family member, the idea of owning a home wasn't a pipe dream, and it was possible to haul groceries home without plastic bags cutting off the circulation to your fingers.

So we started looking at our options for markets where Al can practice the kind of law he does - which turns out is only a handful of cities. After a few months it looked like our best option - both for quality of life and demand for handsome, tall, efficient lawyers - was Dallas. Al went on some interviews, nailed 'em (obvi), and after a few weeks of back and forth we had agreed to move to Dallas by February 1. 

It has been a whirlwind to say the least. And to use a phrase I deeply despise - it's been a real roller coaster of emotions. I'm thrilled we'll be in a city that will allow us more space, more savings, and a little bit of an easier way of life. I'm proud of Al for obtaining an incredible job. I'm excited to be closer to our family in Kansas. I'm nervous about meeting new friends that are as good as the ones we have here. I'm anxious about learning a new city again. I'm heartbroken to leave New York City. 

I'm not even sure how to begin to say goodbye to this place that has meant so much to us. Perhaps that's another post for another time - two weeks time. Until then, we have a whole lot of logistics to figure out and tasks to execute before we become Dallasites (?) Dallastonians (?) Cowboys (?). We've done a lot already on the logistics front. For instance we know that...

-- We're going to rent for a year before buying a house. (Headed down this weekend to check out multi-level town homes for rent. I believe our Realtor said we are looking in Oaklawn and East Dallas?)

-- I'm going to continue to work for my company remotely part time for a few months.

-- We're going to get really fat eating all of the glorious Mexican food in Dallas

-- We know very little. People who know Dallas - tell us everything! (most notably where to live and where to eat.) Please provide tips in the comments below.

So that's the gist of it. The Roses are moving to Dallas! Now if you'll just excuse me while I get back to the massive checklist we made for ourselves containing everything we need to do between now and February 1...

P.S. What Dallas bloggers do I need to follow?!

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