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Hello!  Thank you all for your kind words of advice and support for our next big journey. You have no idea how much it means to me. We're headed to Dallas this weekend to look for a place to live and I'm looking forward to exploring different neighborhoods and imagining what our life will be like in a few weeks (!!). Full recap on where we end up and what our town home looks like to come Monday...assuming we find something (We will though. 
We have to!).

While we're off poking our heads in to walk in closets (!) and spare bedrooms (!!), be sure to check out the links I'm loving from the internet this week. ↓


Tips for your January cleaning frenzy. (I'm not the only one who has a January cleaning frenzy, right?)

Have you read your 2015 horoscope? Looking pretty good for my fellow Sagittarius. 

These captivated me for a good half hour - the 100 best photos from 2014.

If I were one who bought stock, I'd be snatching up a ton of this.

The Big Cheesy grilled cheese contest is back. So much fun, I highly recommend it!

The cutest.

Love Thy Beast is having a great sale! (This is where we got  Lily's bag).

Currently reading. Liane Moriarty I can't quit you.

Design inspiration from the Home Polish's favorites from 2014. The thought of decorating a new home has my mind spinning.

Got my lob trimmed up last night.  This and this were my inspiration photos. And now I think I need to buy this new style of curling wand

Can't wait to watch Tina and Amy host The Golden Globes on Sunday! 


Wish us luck on our home hunt this weekend! Hope you have a warm and peaceful weekend.

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