weekend {and friendsgiving} recap

I'm all out of order this week, but wanted to make sure you had the first of my gift guides available for Cyber Monday. As such, we'll go with a little mid-week Weekend Recap. We had a great few days off from work, a terrific Friendsgiving party, followed by two spectacularly lazy days on the couch. ☺  Here are a few photos...

Wednesday night and Thanksgiving day were spent prepping for Friendsgiving (reminder, we celebrate on Friday not on Thanksgiving day).

^^ The stringing of the lights. My favorite part of the holidays. Love me some big bulb party lights (mine are from Target).
^^ Pretty little place cards, all set to go.

^^ Serving dishes set out and labeled. You wouldn't believe the cabinets and heights I have to scale to retrieve all of these. 

^^ Tip: tape your recipes and your to do list to an upper cabinet in the kitchen so you can prep without losing or dirtying your papers.

But it wasn't all to-do lists and chores. We did important things too like stay in our jammies until 4pm and watch the dog show. (Woop! Frenchies win the non-sporting category!)

For our Thanksgiving meal, we visited Ai Fiori - a restaurant that's been on my must-eat list for some time now (again, by Chef Michael White - if you've been reading TRR for awhile, you know how much I love him). The meal did not disappoint and it was fun to be in a fancy setting with other people all dressed up having their family meal and realize that not everyone is cooking their own turkey on turkey day. And I must confess, we chose this restaurant not because of Chef White or it's proximity to our apartment, but rather because in addition to the standard Thanksgiving fare, they also had... a pasta course. 

^^ Love the presentation. I never thought to line ravioli up like that.

Friday - the day of Friendsgiving - started out pretty uneventful. Most of the side dishes were already prepped. I cleaned the house, moved around all the furniture, and set the table. All I had left to do was put the turkey in the oven. When I went to get my roasting pan and rack out from the drawer under my oven, thing was stuck. Somehow a round cake pan had been put on top of the roasting rack in the drawer and jammed the whole thing. We tried and tried and finally called maintenance (ahh apartment living. no clue what we would had done if we were homeowners). 45 minutes later, after removing the oven door and 4 layers of oven floor, he retrieved the stuck pan and got out my roasting rack. "Why didn't I just run out and buy a new pan" you ask? I was thinking the same thing. But he kept telling me he almost had it.  

To distract myself from the fact that my oven was in pieces, I decided to take some glamour shots of my table. To be honest - not crazy about this table cloth, but since we only needed one table this year and not two, the usual tablecloths I use didn't fit. It is very fallish, I'll admit. Maybe I'm not a fan because I'm already in the Christmas zone - red berries, holly leaves, etc. Nothing some nice silver candlesticks and pretty plates can't fix though. ☺

^^ Yes, Al gets a Chiefs water glass. One of our glasses broke a few weeks ago and I forgot to replace it.

After a fun little cocktail hour it was time to load up our plates and sit down and eat. I love this meal so much. I don't really like when my food touches on my plate with the exception of Thanksgiving. A little stuffing, a little turkey, a little potato. Yesssss.

^^ Cheers!  (I spy Lily trying to sneak a bite)

After dishes were cleared, we chatted and played celebrity - a Friendsgiving must-play game.

^^ Friends around a table telling stories and laughing (with paper stuck to their foreheads). Doesn't get much better.

 Miss Mayo didn't last very long...

Saturday morning I woke to a pretty clean house. You know you're getting older when your dinner guests do all your dishes for you. :)  Seriously though, you should see the post-party conditions from Friendgivings pasts. Trust me, they do not look like this...

Some leftovers for breakfast...and lunch... and then I'm embarrassed to say we watched 8 episodes of Homeland Season 3 while lounging on the pallet. It. Was. Glorious.

^^ 8 hours of this and your heart explodes.

Sunday we got our act together. Chores, 6+ hours of blog work (those gift guides don't make themselves!) and decking the halls for Christmas. And some take-out cheese steaks for the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

^^ I call this "Reflection"
^^ Our tiny little tree. No full-size real tree this year - we aren't here enough in December to justify it. And Lily eats the pine needles.

^^ CHIEFS! Thankfully our sandwiches were better than the game.

Had to say goodbye to this sweet face come Monday morning. I think long weekends really confuse her. She always seems so sad when we have to go back to work. Sweet Lily girl. 

Hope your long holiday weekend was just as tasty/lazy/lovely! Check back tomorrow for my Gift Guide for the Guy!

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