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Hi everyone!  Just a quick bit to share with you today. I've been exhausted this week after work and have let my content suffer. I have so many posts that are almost ready for publishing, but I haven't found time to give them final edits. 

Along those same lines, I thought I'd share a podcast I can't seem to get out of my head about none other than...procrastination. 

In the segment, they identify three strategies to help prevent procrastination: 
1.)  Change what scares you. Some of us can't get started because we're afraid of failing. The logic goes: if you don't try, you can't fail. But Halvorson says we're fearing the wrong thing. Don't fear failure. Fear the consequences of not getting it done or not accomplishing something that's meaningful. That fear triggers a different response by creating the urgency that can propel us forward.
2.)  Stop waiting to "feel" like doing whatever is on the to-do list. We all have tasks we need, or even want, to do, but never quite "feel" like starting. Waiting to "feel" like it is an excuse to avoid finishing. Feelings have nothing to do it. Some stuff just needs to get done.
3.)  Make a plan. Be specific. Don't clear our your inbox "tomorrow." Clear it out tomorrow from 2:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Don't trust yourself to make the right decision in the moment. Make it ahead of time and stick to it. 

I definitely fall victim to #2.  If only my to do list consisted of "sit on the couch with french bulldog", because that is what I usually feel like doing. :)  I also could do a better job of planning when I do things, but I usually don't plan things because I'm waiting to see what I feel like doing. Vicious circle of feelings here.

So while I try and tackle those items I've let slide for too long, take a listen to the full podcast. I found it fascinating and extremely helpful!

Take a listen:

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