weekend recap

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a great time in Dallas catching up with friends, despite the unusually cold temps - I think it's even snowing there today! While some of the places we planned to visit would be better when it wasn't so cold, we still had a blast. Here are a few photos...

We headed to a late dinner Friday night at Hibiscus with our friends who just moved to the Big D from NYC. Was so great to catch up with them and to see Julee's darling prego tummy. Less than a month until baby Brooklyn makes her debut! (Food at Hibiscus was delicious, btw.)

We stayed at our friend Scott's apartment in downtown. It was fun to be in a high rise and look out and not see NYC buildings.

Reason #1 why I like Texas:  breakfast tacos.

And if breakfast tacos weren't enough, we went and had lunch tacos. I wasn't mad about it. We met our other friends who live about an hour away at Velvet Taco. Oh goodness I like this place! So many fun flavors to choose from. My favorite was their chicken tikka masala taco. (And there was a huge debate about the best tacos in Dallas on my instagram. Apparently Torchy's has a big following as well.)

^^ Cheesy corn. Is there anything better?

^^ Love me a pink neon sign. Such a cute little joint.

After lunch we drove around a bit, did some window shopping at Highland Park Village (I could spend DAYS there!) and then went to watch the KU vs. TCU bar at Ice House. A lot of our trip consisted of "we were going to take you guys to (insert name of outdoor bar), but it's so cold!". While we were indoors at Ice House, we still had a blast, despite that last quarter loss by KU.
^^ Twinning.

Meanwhile, back in NYC, Lily was loving her time at "camp" with another TBM dog, Olive. She loves doodles!

After a little disco nap and showers, we headed to Javier's for a big group dinner - 30 of us! That place is legendary (I had heard about it from so many people!) and it lived up to the hype. A cigar bar followed by..wait for it...steak stuffed with cheese! My mind was blown, really. A steak stuffed with cheese. Genius. Followed by some crazy coffee drink that seemed to have about one thousand liquors in it. Such a fun (and tasty) night.

^^ I realize this is a gross and terrible photo, but it's steak stuffed with cheese and topped with sauce; it must be photographed!

And just like that it was over so quickly. A quick stop at Chili's at the airport before we left. A whole weekend where all but one of my meals was Tex-Mex. I was very happy.

And then I took some glamour shots for American Airlines. Think they'll pay me for these?

Back at home in time for 60 Minutes and Lily snugs. 

Thanks to all our friends who made our trip to Dallas so fun. And thanks to Scott for letting us crash at your place. Now I'm in need of a serious detox. So much eating...

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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