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Hello there! I hope some of you are returning from a long weekend thanks to Christopher Columbus. Al and I both had to work yesterday, but nonetheless we still enjoyed a very lovely weekend. Here are a few photos...

Friday night some colleagues and I decided to grab a drink at the newest offshoot of Raines Law Room at The William Hotel. Beautiful, beautiful space and fun menu (you can even request your "own experience" and tell the bartender what flavors you like and you'll get a drink specially crafted for you). This would be a great place for a date. Or for three colleagues to not talk about work and catch up on real things - like Blake Lively's pregnancy.

While I was cocktailing, Al and friends were in Baltimore for the Royals vs. Orioles game. And the Royals WON!!! Good job cheering them on, guys! (Side rant, if the Orioles fans did that ohhh ohhh ohh chant ONE more time I was gonna throw the TV out the window...)

^^ Seriously, Al's captions about the Royals make me cry. His love for them is INTENSE.

Major downside of the game was that it went in to extra innings, which means the boys didn't get home until 5am! Al caught up on sleep Saturday morning with Lily's help. Lily was not up until 5am; she went to bed with me at 11pm...and she still slept until 1pm. If there's a human in bed, she's there no matter what.

Saturday was a dreary mess, but we did manage to make it out that evening for some beers and burgers with our friends Jolie and Sean. They took us to Whitman's, which will now appear on all restaurant recommendation lists I provide from here on out. Fantastic burgers and so many burger versions to choose from!  I had the Juicy Lucy (stuffed with pimento cheese zzzomg). 

Insert one thousand red heart emoticons. So much love for this guy. ↓

Sunday the weather was glorious. A perfect day to celebrate The Barking Meter's 7th birthday! We seriously consider the people who walk Lily part of our extended family because they care for her like she is their own. Happy Birthday Team TBM!
^^ Lily and Luca so over photos at this point in the party.

Walked all the way home enjoying the beautiful fall day. Sunday walks are where it's at, people. You just feel so good after a fall family stroll.

We got home just in time for a fun afternoon with our friend Alexis who recently started working for BarkBox. Some top-secret fun involving a go pro camera and Lily. 

^^ "I dunno if this is gonna work, guys"
Lily did great with the go pro and absolutely LOVED her BarkBox. You can bet she's getting a subscription for her upcoming birthday. (No joke. Retta already signed her up.) Thanks again, Lex!

The rest of Sunday was spent baking and cooking (this pumpkin cake and these parmesan chive popovers). We had a delicious supper on Sunday that I'll share with you this week. I could seriously eat it every night of the week (and I just might).

Annnnd a little 60 Minutes watching while instagraming with a sleeping french bulldog on me. Just another day in paradise.

Hope you had a great weekend! And I'm so glad I can still say this - LET'S GO ROYALS!

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