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yellow and navy by martina
Happy Friday! Plans for the weekend? We haven't solidified too many plans as we're eagerly waiting to see what happens with our beloved Royals. Al is headed to Baltimore tonight for the game and the rest of the weekend will be spent cheering on the boys in blue and catching up with friends. And I'm wanting to make a cozy soup or chili this Sunday - any recommendations? 

A whole lot of finds for you guys this week (I was still collecting links during my break). Enjoy and have a great weekend!  ↓


Actually you should stop using the word 'actually'.

Fellow bloggers, a great new site for photos.

A fun quiz. (I got transitional.)

Brooklyn? More like broke-lyn.

YES YES YES. Anyone who emails (so everyone) should read this!

This made me legit happy.

At home facial technique. Tried it this past weekend. Works like a charm.

I'm pretty sure over the course of my life I, too, have inadvertently conducted this test. (Super helpful and funny!)

Genius idea (but also pretty sure that's the perk of garden leave).

Adorable. Love them.

Did you add this to your must-make-soon list yet?

Future and recent brides - you MUST use this site. I wish I knew about that when I was changing my name.

Made me laugh. #truth

That's right. "America's Team"!

People with kids in NYC (or visitors), this stroller map just saved your life.

And let's end with a cute french bulldog video for old times sake.


Happy weekend!

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