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This day is always a little hard. Especially here in the city, walking among the thousands of New Yorkers, New Yorkers who were actually here 13 years ago.

As Al and I were getting ready this morning and watching the remembrance ceremony on TV, he mentioned how he couldn't stop thinking about a conversation we overheard a few months ago in our elevator between a boy and his father.  As the boy, maybe seven or eight years old, got on our elevator and saw that we have 60 floors in our building he exclaimed to his dad, "Wow this is a really tall building!" Then he paused and looked up to his father and said, "Dad, do tall buildings ever fall down?" His father hesitated a moment and responded, "No. That's nothing you need to worry about."

It's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that there's a new generation of children in our world who weren't here on that awful day. Children who can't recall the images of two tall buildings coming down. They'll read of 9-11 in their history books and hear about it from their parents and teachers, but it will always be a tale about something that happened before they were around. Part of me is envious that they were able to skip that bleak day in history.  

It was comforting to hear that father reassure his child. Because I think now, especially with recent dealings across the world, we are all a little worried from time to time about threats to our country and our life. As Al and I were talking this morning we both agreed that the best way to combat our fears and the terror that exists in the world is to keep living our life - to not let there be a disruption on our productivity or happiness.

So we'll keep on living. But never forgetting. And I hope that someday we'll be able to tell our children the same thing: There's nothing you need to worry about.

To those who lost someone thirteen years ago today, our prayers are with you. To the first responders and the troops who fought in the years after, thank you for your service. We will never forget. 

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