friday finds

Happy Friday y'all! That's right, I put a "y'all" on there. Practicing my Southern drawl as we're off to North Carolina early tomorrow morning to meet up with my in-laws for a quick weekend in Raleigh-Durham. Plans include the Duke-KU football game, eating some southern fare, and seeing both the Duke and UNC campuses. And I have to keep my eye out for the Deacon Dan #85 statue my father-in-law swears is on Duke's campus. (He played football at Duke. That's him up there↑.)

Hope you have a splendid weekend! And be sure to check out what I'm loving from the 'net this week. ↓ 


Well this is depressing. Sorry for being negative.

Could you do this? I don't think I could.

Wow. Ahhh America. #ThisIsWhyWe'reFat

Pretty sure this is the most perfect restaurant concept. Ever.

Yes. Filing under important things I need to know.

Get ready for fall with these. The Barn Nail has my name all over it.

MEMORIES. (Al and I were just talking about Dunk-a-roos!)

Can't wait to see The Skeleton Twins. Written and directed by my favorite food blogger's partner! Go see it!

Ohhh pretty. All of her work looks awesome!

But really, let's go back. Now.


Happy weekend y'all!

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