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Hi there!  Back a day late with our weekend recap. I couldn't help interrupting my posting schedule for a little Cinco de Mayo love. Our weekend was fun, productive, and leisurely all at the same time. Here are a few photos...

Friday night we attempted to go to the newly opened Madison Square Eats, but it was a serious cluster-you-know-what. Poor baby Lily almost got stepped on! But, we'll be back when they hype has died down a little and at a non-peak time.  Instead we picked up some Num Pang Sandwiches and hung out at home.

Saturday we all got up early. Al headed to golf, while Lily and I snugged on the couch reading cookbooks and menu planning for the next few weeks. It's all of my favorite things on one lap.

Later I met friends at Soul Cycle. I've done spin class before at a few different places, but it was my first time at Soul. It was awesome! Stevie, our teacher was phenomenal and I left feeling a combination of energized, worn out (in a good way), and happy. Those old endorphins Elle Woods was talking about

After spin we had a quick brunch (sweaty and all) at The Smith to celebrate Joey's birthday. I could pretty much eat every meal of the day at The Smith. Such a huge menu. Also, I love their aesthetic - the fonts the tiling. It's so lovey.

I headed home to grab Lily and head back out in the glorious weather. We roamed the park for a long while. Just meandering, stopping when she wanted, and we might have shared a custard from Shake Shack. T'was the perfect spring afternoon for a gal and her pup.

^^ Seriously? Those tulips are out of control pretty.

We headed to an early dinner at Kingside, the new restaurant inside the new Viceroy hotel. Food was fantastic and the restaurant is huge and beautiful. As an added bonus, I got to tell my jalapeno joke to our waiter, who loved it!

^^ Love that I caught that girl in a "do you like this filter?" moment. You know that's what shes' doing.

Afterwards we popped up for a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend, Rob. Don't you love it when the person is legitimately surprised? So fun.
^^ photo from the wonderful host of the party. He hasn't turned around yet to see us all hiding. :)

Sunday morning reading in bed. Her giant ears get in the way as much as you think.

Followed by, wait for it....
I finally cleaned out my closet! Tons more to donate and consign and I switched over to my spring and summer stuff. It feels like I have a whole new wardrobe now! I'd like to thank my supervisor, Lily, for her help during the project. And for chewing up every last hanger she could get her paws on.
^^ Frenchie sweater + frenchie animal

After all that work (it seriously took me 4 hours), I was in no mood to cook. We opted for a super aggressive Mexican delivery order. I'm going with the whole - we are eating the left overs for Cinco de Mayo justification. BTW, Baja Fresh is the only place that delivers queso. This is the sort of knowledge that fills my brain.

And as if ^^ that disgusting assortment wasn't enough, in between 60 Minutes and Game of Thrones we got frozen yogurt. Go ahead and judge me. I cleaned out my closet, okay. I deserved it. And it really helped with the Sunday night blues.
^^ I wear running shorts and shoes to get fro yo to make me feel like I just worked out. #denial

Best part of a weekend recap on a Tuesday? Only FOUR days until the next weekend. Woop! Hope you had a peachy weekend too. 

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