friday finds

Happy, happy Friday! Any plans this weekend? Al's playing golf tomorrow and Sunday I have GOT to, for the love of sun dresses, switch out my closet for the season. How many weeks have I been saying I was going to do this? Eek. Hope you have a weekend that's equal parts fun and productive. That's what I'm aiming for.

Finds from this week →


Olivia Palermo is on the cover this month's BRIDES magazine. I love her. And is it weird I still by bridal magazines?

Awesome temporary wall graphics and papers. Perfect for apartment dwellers. Kind of reminds me of this stuff. (via Young House Love)

Kate Moss for TopShop. Some stuff I love. Some I seriously question. Same way I feel about Ms. Moss in general. ☺


You had me at boozy slushies.

What a beautiful wedding. I love her hair. And her dress. And the flowers. I'm having a big love affair with eucalyptus leaves right now.

How is this not in NYC? Residents of other cities, go do this!

A potential project for me this weekend.

Excited for this. I'm a huge fan of her site.

The list of the world's 50 best restaurants just came out. Have you been to any? We've been to three!

Made me cry. Dogs have super powers.

Found Al's birthday cake recipe for next month. Yum.

I could NOT stop laughing at these. Best one →  Q:"What does a nosy pepper do?" A: "Gets jalapeno business!"


Have a beautiful weekend, friends!


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