freshly-baked croissants

Whenever I have guests stay with us, I like to stay up well past midnight the night prior to make a nice pastry dough from scratch. I spend time to cut the cold butter into perfectly square cubes. I let the dough refrigerate a few hours, and then I roll it out. Finally, I form it into beautiful croissants and pop them in the fridge to bake off fresh in the morning. I just think that extra homemade touch really makes my guests feel welcome their first morning in our apartment. And who needs sleep anyways?!

PSYCHE! I don't do that. That's insane. Who has time for that? 

^^ I didn't bake the berries with them. This is the extent of my presentation in the mornings. I do this and then yell "come and get it!" and they do.

Maybe I'd make croissant from scratch if I didn't work 12 hour days. Or maybe if the night before company I'm not frantically running around cleaning and tidying the apartment, bathing the dog, washing sheets, and pretending that my home always looks like that. Maybe then I could channel my inner Martha Stewart and make a batch of fresh croissant dough.

This isn't to say I leave my guests hanging!  I do serve my guests warm, fresh-from-the-oven croissant in the mornings. But I have a secret weapon. They're frozen croissant from Fresh Direct! And, oh-goodness-me, they taste just like they do in Paris. And much better than any stale pastry you'd get in a deli here in New York. Just pop them in the oven for 5 - 7 minutes. It's that easy. They also carry pain au chocolate, so there's that if you needed any more reason to think this secret of mine is a good one.

For those of you not in the New York City area who cannot get your hands on the amazingness that is Fresh Direct, I've heard that Trader Jones makes a similar product. And one of my colleagues also recommended these from Williams Sonoma. 

Bottom line, serve your guest warm pastries. But don't kill yourself for it.



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