make it happen

^^ Right after I said 'yes'!

Four years ago today, the smartest, hardest-working, funniest, sweetest, boy asked me to be his wife. (Spoiler alert: I said yes. We got married. It was awesome.) I love thinking back to that day and how euphoric it all felt. I felt like I was dreaming! And I'm pretty sure I blacked out for part of it. Here's how it all went down...

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It was a Saturday. And Al and I went to brunch together up in our old neighborhood, Morningside Heights. During brunch, we had an awkward moment where Al asked me to please stay sane (aka not bitchy) that weekend, as he had some buddies coming in from out of town. I, at this point in our relationship, was getting quite anticipatory of a proposal and thought it would happen pretty much anytime we did anything 'cool'. 

Al said something like, "look, I don't really want to talk about this with you, but I need you to know that my focus this weekend is on entertaining our visitors and catching up with everyone. I'm really sorry, but you just need to know it's not going to happen this weekend. Don't be a downer, and try and have some fun."  So I pouted a little, and tried to get over it. We do this weird thing where, despite Al's business degree, he still can't seem to accurate figure the tip on receipts, so I always fill out the receipt and on the customer copy signature line write something cute to him before giving him the receipt. I handed him back the receipt and said I would oblige his request to not be a crazy woman, but I joked that "I did leave you a note on there to remember". He looked at the receipt and saw that I had written "MAKE IT HAPPEN". (<-- I'm a total psycho, I know. It's just part of the story that has to be told. Al still has the receipt btw.)

All pouting and paying the check aside, I was trying to be happy and in a good mood, despite having gotten yet another $12 nude-color manicure that weekend in anticipation of the event that I now knew wouldn't happen. It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk the few blocks back home through Riverside Park. I especially wanted to see the peonies in the flower garden (the same one from the last scene in You've Got Mail), as my grandma (who was ill at the time), kept them in her garden back in Kansas.

As we were walking, we started talking about the weekend plans. Al kept shifting which side of the sidewalk he was walking on and was really not paying any attention to what I was saying. (I later learned that he was doing that so I wouldn't  see the ring box in his pocket.) So I'm talking, we're dodging roller blades and bikers, and I remember seeing a runner and telling Al, "you know what, I have to confess something..." And so he stopped walking thinking I'm going to say something important (we're standing right by the flower garden at this point), and I finish my thought, "...I'm just never going to be one of those people who runs a marathon. I hope you don't want to marry a runner someday." I then bent over to smell some of the peonies and Al kept standing where he was, a few feet back. I turned to look at him, thinking my non-marathon decision had bothered him, and that's when I realized he was on the ground! On his knee!  He said some things that he later had to repeat to me because I blacked out, and just as he pulled the ring out of his pocket some German tourist shouted <German accent> "Ohhv look! He izzzz going to propovse!" And THAT's when I realized what was happening.

We sat on a bench and called our families, who later told us our reception was so bad on our blackberries (yes, this was 2010) that they really couldn't make out anything we were saying. We hopped in a cab and headed to an outdoor bar on the water where our friends met us and we celebrated in the sunshine. That night, Al arranged for a driver to pick the two of us up and take us to Minetta Tavern (where I met, had a full on conversation with, and got comped a bottle of champagne from Keith McNally!).  Afterwards we headed to a going away party for some friends, who happily allowed us to steal some of their thunder for our big news.

It was the best day because I truly, at that point, had no idea it was going to happen.  Al later told me that he had practiced several times in our apartment saying his speech while also going on one knee, as he was afraid he would fall over! I knew very early on that I would marry Al, I'm so glad he agreed. ;) 

And ladies, if this is a lesson in anything, it is to go ahead and be a psycho girlfriend itching to get hitched. (Kidding. I can't believe I was like that! Embarrassing)

Al, I love you more than anything in this world. Thank you for asking me to marry you. It was the easiest and best answer I've ever given.

How's THAT for a little #throwbackthrusday for ya?

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