weekend recap

Spiffy little weekend we had. How was yours? We had an extremely productive Saturday followed by a record braking lazy Sunday thanks to me finally agreeing to watch Game of Thrones. We might have watched nine episodes. Go ahead, judge us. Also, we now only refer to Lily as 'Daenerys', 'Dragon', or 'Your Grace'. 

Enough of that.  Here are a few photos...

Friday afternoon field trip to Milk Bar for cake truffles and ice cream.

T'was a beautiful day for an afternoon walk. Just look at a budding Park Avenue in the sunshine.

Al and I were both able to escape work at a reasonable time on Friday night. We walked around the West Village for awhile and decided to stop for Mexican food at Tortilla Flats - one of the few restaurants in NYC that serves queso dip (and therefore one of my favorite restaurants in NYC).

^^ West Village town houses. We're moving into the one on the left! Just kidding. But wouldn't that be awesome?

^^ Trifecta (Friday. Margs. Cheese Dip) = Happy Katie

Saturday morning we had plans of taking a long walk along the water, but it was far too cold. So we did what you do when you can't exercise. We got bagels. And Lily waited patiently for her scraps.

Spent our afternoon at the park listening to a Sinatra impersonator, followed by crossing off several errands from our to do list.  He was pretty good and had quite an impressive set up.

Went home and baked the cake I mentioned on Friday. Here she is ready for the oven.

And here it is after I tried to flip it out of the pan when it was still cooling. I was so mad at myself. "ARGH! I knew that would happen! Why did I do that? &*$% *#*(&" (Don't you hate those moments?) With only an hour to go to our dinner party (and having not yet even showered) I had no time for a new cake.  Ina's brownie pudding to the rescue - although even that wasn't my best work. But it was something. Seriously, just looking at the crumbled cake now gives me heart palpitations.

All was fine once we arrived. I calmed down and we had a great time with friends and all four - yes FOUR - dogs.
^^ Lucca, Chewy, Shorty, Lily

Sunday we slept in. I was awake early, but decided just to lay awake next to my sleeping family. Sometimes you just need to lay in bed, you know?  And besides, I couldn't break up Al and Lily. Sweetest photo ever.

And somehow Al sucked me in to Game of Thrones so the rest of the day was spent watching season 3 while doing some work, laundry, cooking in between. It's so much easier to get in to it after Al's watched the first two seasons. That way I don't have to pay attention to who everyone is at the beginning, we just pause and Al gives me the CliffsNotes version. So much easier (for me, not so much for Al). Here is Lily doing her best dragon impersonation:

We did make it out for a few walks. And I cooked an awesome new recipe. I could eat this every single night. Coconut rice with roasted sweet potatoes, spicy crispy kale, and roasted salmon. Recipe from Food52. You have to make this. The dressing is amazing.

And as if we hadn't watched enough TV, I managed to stay up late for Mad Men. How great (and by great I mean down right mean) was Betty's bit in last night's episode? And her ensemble? Chicest field trip chaperone I've ever seen.

Have a great week everyone!

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