weekend recap

At long last, here is a recap of our long weekend with Al's parents. We had a blast celebrating Easter and Deacon's retirement, visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and eating many great meals.  But I think Lily, most of all, enjoyed their company. So much attention to that sweet pup. 

I took a TON of photos.  More than you're used to for our normal weekend recaps. But they're of good things like food, and flowers, and Lily. You'll like it, you'll see...

Deacon didn't want a big gift from us for his retirement; he thought of their visit as his gift. So Al and I tried to do a few things to make him feel special when they arrived.  First up, a custom banner (created and ordered from Minted - love, love, love Minted).  It only took me a hour to string it and hang it up just right. I'm so un-crafty that I can't even string my pre-made banner.

And a little gift basket with wine, snacks, and some new headphones.

And some prosciutto wrapped dates hors d'oeuvres with cute little celebration flags (also from Minted).

Retta and Deacon arrived on a Thursday - which meant one thing. Wine Night. I made one of Retta's favorite meals, orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe.

And we all went to bed happy. Especially Lily Mayo.

Friday we hung around home a bit, and then headed to lunch in the West Village at one of our favorites, A.O.C. Bonjour, glorious croque madame. 

It was pretty chilly, but the trees were starting to bloom around the village.

Hopped into a few antique bookstores to hunt for old all-leather bound books. We weren't very successful, but we did manage to get a few things at Jo Malone, as you can see. It's becoming Retta's and my tradition to go there each time she visits

Friday night Al had organized for us to have a snazzy, old-school New York celebration dinner for Deacon. Cocktails in the bar at 21 Club, and then had a fantastic dinner Upstairs at 21.

Saturday we brunched at our beloved Friedman's and then headed off to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. We were about a week early for most of the cherry blossoms, but we still saw some beautiful blooms and it was nice to get out in a new area and walk the gardens. We will definitely be back!

^^ C'mon trees! Get green!




^^ Sweet couple sitting between the trees.

Awesome day!

As if that wasn't enough photos, we headed to Bryant Park when we got back from the Gardens. We had to get Lily out in that sunshine. 
^^ basking
 She loves her Grandma Retta so much.

^^ "Pigeon? Where?!"

Funny little story. On our way home, we were waiting outside some golf store that the boys were checking out next door to Lord and Taylor. Lord and Taylor had this cute window display with ceramic frenchies and Lily couldn't stop starring at them. She kept perching herself up to see her friends.

Sunday I whipped up an impromptu Easter breakfast while we waited to watch church online.

And Lily girl checked out her Easter basket from Retta. (BTW, that basket has since been demolished and torn apart by Lil.)

And then some park time where Lily met a new friend, Madison. Which reminds me - Al? Can we get another puppy?!

We concluded the weekend with a perfect meal at Maialino. Behold the most amazing pork I've ever tasted (the restaurant's name translates to 'little pig').

Perfect weekend together. We love you Retta and Deacon!

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