throwback thursday

Remember that one time when KU won the National Championship? Yeah, I do. It was my senior year of college and it was one of the best memories I have from life. Seriously.

Throwing it back this Thursday - the first day of March Madness (and the first day of spring - oh hey spring!) - with my old Facebook album from 2008...

We watched the Final Four game against UNC at The Wheel (aka the best bar on the face of the Earth). All our friends packed in tight, standing on tables, sitting atop booths. Ahh college.

Well look who it is.  Us. Six years younger.

And Emmy! Only 19 years old (hmm how'd she get in that bar?).

After beating UNC, the entire town headed to Mass Street for celebrations. Walking, high-fiving strangers, finding your friends in the crowd . It's the happiest pilgrimage ever.

A few days later, we beat Memphis and won the national championship and the crowd was even BIGGER that night. People as far as you can see. Loo how far back they go down the street...

I get chills just talking about it. You sort of just had to be there to truly understand the energy and excitement and spectacle.

Let's just pause and remember how awesome that shot was...
And now, just for old time's sake (I hope I'm not jinxing anything here)...

Al has legit watched that video at least twice a night for the last week. 
Happy #ThrowbackThursday everyone. And Happy March Madness.  

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! 
(and good luck to Wichita St. - my mom's alma mater)!)


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