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Hello! Happy happy Friday! It's spring! It's Friday! The sun is out! It's going to be in the SIXTIES tomorrow! Can you tell I'm in a good mood? I am frolicking around in that ^^ spring meadow in my head right this minute. We have few weekend plans other than to be outside as much as possible on Saturday (Sunday on the other hand, is a different story. 40 degrees? Really?). Now to wrap up these final few items on my to do list and try and head out early to catch the second half of the KU game. Have a great weekend!

Links I'm loving this week...


My friend Ashley forwarded me this find. Such a smart idea. Loving the sleeveless version. 

Full list of James Beard Award Nominations. Some great blogs and cookbooks added to my list because of this. And check out who's nominated for Outstanding Personality/Host. It's my pretend best friend and fairy godmother, Ina Garten!  

Aw man! (But also, $5b valuation? Seems high to me too).

Great news! I may test this out tonight. ☺

You know how I said I was frolicking in that spring meadow in my head? Well, this little nugget is there in the meadow too.  It's a really good day dream, you guys.

Tears at this.

Yay Taza! (If you don't already know her darling family, you're in for some cuteness. ♥)

Ever since we heard about this the other morning, Al has been REALLY in to it. (Would it shock you to learn that he was once a Dino-obsessed kid?)

A good NYC spring to do list.

This kid is cracked me up. Me too kid. Me too.


Have a splendid weekend!

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