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Happy Monday of a short week!  It's the best feeling, right?  Knowing you only have a three day work week?  We had a lovely weekend but oh my goodness is winter here.  Freezing out! We had a few (wet) snow flurries Saturday night.  I wish it would stick.  I'm ready for a pretty white snow (and not a wet-ruin-your-hair-snow).  We had a weekend full of prep for Friendsgiving and Christmas and managed to squeeze in some lay-on-the-couch-time as well. Here are a few photos...

Friday night we watched The Hunger Games (the first one).  Al had never seen it!  He liked it.  Lily, on the other hand? Not so impressed. ;) 

Saturday I finalized the recipes and grocery list for Friendsgiving.  I love quiet Saturday mornings to myself.  Recipes, coffee, peanut butter toast, a candle.  It's a nice little routine that makes me feel organized and at peace for the weekend.  I guess you could say Fresh Direct is my version of yoga.  Hmm, what does that say about me?...

I had a helper too.  This dog must be in my lap if I'm sitting down.  Makes for really terrible ergonomics.

We had a little family challenge down in the gym on Saturday afternoon.  Fastest mile (Al won), longest plank (I won), push ups (Al won), and wall sits (tie).  Lily just did a lap around the block in her fancy coat and called it a day. 

We cleaned up, bundled up, and headed to the Upper West Side Saturday night.  I miss our old neighborhood sometimes.  It's so nice up there.  We made a stop by Best Buy to check out lap tops for me.  I think I found the one.  And Al tested the ipads (he's going with the Air, I think).  Then we hit up The Smith UWS for some of my favorite foods.  We always start with the blue cheese fondue potato chips.  And then proceed to eat barely anything else that we order.

After dinner we checked out Hudson Common for our friend's going away party.  What an awesome space. It's a tented outdoor area (with heaters, thank goodness) and they change the decor based on the seasons. Cocktails with twinkle lights in a rustic ski chalet.  Loved it. Great spot for drinks and they accommodated our large group very well.  Put it on your place-to-have-a-party list.  Also, Brandon - we will miss you so much! :( 

Sunday we headed up town again, but this time to the East side for brunch with our friends and their darling daughter.  Love spending time with that cute kid.  I think all Sundays should begin with brunch and babies.  And some baked eggs...

Al departed to Johnny B's for the (disappointing) Chiefs game., while I walked twenty blocks to Bloomingdale's   I needed the walk and the cold.  Don't you love getting that cold air in your lungs sometimes?  It was a sunny day and it was fun to stroll through a neighborhood less familiar to me.  But then, at Bloomingdales, there were people.  Lots and lots of people. It didn't mind it too much.  It was more that I felt a little downhearted seeing all the holiday decor and Christmas displays and not having my mom and sister there as my shopping buddies.  I always get a little weepy around this time of year living so far from my family.  

Don't worry though.  The ho-hum feeling wasn't anything that a good dusting and vacuuming couldn't fix.  Isn't it amazing the stress relief that comes from cleaning? Although, I have to admit, after my cleaning session I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch.  I didn't even read my book or catalogs.  It. Was. Phenomenal.

That's not true entirely.  I did get up to bathe our stinky pup.  We joked that she was the only one of us who bathed that day.  But really though.  Showers are not required on Sundays for me.  Elastic waist pants though?  They are a definite must.

We ended the night watching Up and drinking cider and all was right in our world.  Not pictured:  the pizza we ordered for dinner.  I didn't even make Sunday supper!

Gosh, this little family of ours is all I need to survive the madness of this city and the holidays.
Al and Lily (+ a KU snuggie) is all it takes.

Hope you had a comfy weekend!
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