friday finds

Hello Friday!  I'm very much looking forward to our weekend.  We have plans to cross several items off our holiday to-do list - but fun stuff - like looking at computers and coats and things. :)   The holiday butterflies are starting to creep up and I'm getting so excited for the festive-ness.

Meanwhile, here are a few fun links I'm loving this week.

"Because-noun" doesn't work.  Who writes like that?
Can you tell that I'm beyond annoyed by this?

This thigh-gap stuff is such nonsense.

We're watching the first Hunger Games tonight to refresh before seeing the new one.
So excited to watch J.Law.
I love her so much.  This is why.

I was 75% left brain (language, rules, details, strategy, logic, rationality) and 25% right brain (chaos, creativity, images, fantasy, curiosity, intuition).
Seems about right.

This made me laugh.

New favorite tumblr.

Especially agree with 5 and 6.  Amen.

Way to go Johnny B's!

Can I enroll?

Have you seen the new Target ads with the frenchie (Stella from Modern Family)?!
We love them!
What does it take (besides a trained dog) to get Lily in one of these?

Have a cheery weekend!

{image source:  Josef Hoflehner Photography}
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