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Well hello!  Apologies for being a day-late on our weekend recap.  We had such a great time with my dad and Melanie that I was beat Sunday night and didn't get around to editing and typing everything up.  

I hadn't seen my dad and Melanie since this summer.  Not only was it nice to see them, but it was nice to have them in our place seeing our little life in the city.  We shared many laughs, had great talks, and of course, ate some great food.  It was one of those times with family where I felt overwhelmed with happiness and love and pride that these people are my people, and I am theirs.

Here are a some photos...

Our time together started out with Wine Night.  We opted for pizza from our favorite place, Tappo.  The boys got meat lover's, while Melanie and I shared this beautiful "lady" pizza - prosciutto  apple, bacon, arugula, and balsamic reduction.  She's a beaut, no?

Friday while I worked they checked out the Empire State Building (I'm embarrassed to admit we've lived here five years and still have never been.  At least my dad has!).  They also took a walk down the Highline which I just knew they would love.

For Friday supper we stayed in and grilled up the steaks that they brought us.  That's right, my family travels with their own meat.  Yours doesn't?  We had some amazing rib-eyes and saved the burgers, ground beef, and fillets for a rainy day. :) 

Oh, and we also taste tested the homemade salsas they brought us .  One made with Anaheim peppers (Melanie, correct me if I'm wrong) and the other made with smoked jalapenos.  They should visit more often - I have a fully stocked pantry now! ;) 

One shot of our final steaks - then I promise we'll have some pictures with people in them.

Saturday we woke up early and headed to our Boat-to-Bear-Mountain cruise.  You guys.  You must do this.  It was awesome.  And really well priced - only $50 a person (I found a promo code online that got us $10 off each ticket though!).  It was the perfect day trip out of the city complete with views, food, and fresh air.  Here are a LOT of photos...

The day started a little overcast.  But the trees still popped!

Hiking up the trail to Bear Mountain.  That's our boat.

More scenes from the path up the mountain...

We made it to the top and saw the most gorgeous pond/lake.  I'm a sucker for tree-reflection photos.  It kind of looks like something Bob Ross would paint - "Happy little trees".

First stop was the beer cart, obviously.  

How adorable is this couple?  Full polka-get up and everything!

And how cute are Dad and Melanie?

Chow time.  Brats, potato pancakes, and perogies.

Man I love mustard.  And sauerkraut. 

Perogies with sauted onions.  I LOVED these.  Al did not.

Photo shoot...

Love you pops.

And as fast as you can eat a brat, the sun came out.

We walked through the paths of vendors and made it to the end of the line at Bear Mountain Inn.  Al's dad stayed here 45 years ago when he played football for Duke.  They stayed here when they were playing Army (West Point is not far from Bear Mountain).  Neat, huh?!

I loved this.  Al never takes photos.  But I caught him snapping one to send to his dad.
And then I took pictures of all the pretty trees.  I was a wee bit excited about them.  You would be too!  Look how pretty...
Made it to the base of the mountain and back on the boat.  Looks a little different in the sunshine, no?

Back in Manhattan...

We were all wiped from an early morning...and all that beer!  We stayed in and ordered Hill Country Chicken and watched Zero Dark Thirty.  Both our food and movie choices were well received.

Sunday we took Dad and Melanie to Johnny B's for the Chiefs game.  Josh (the owner) had managed to get a few bottles of Boulevard all the way from Kansas.  It was a weekend full of Kansas things!  Also, Chiefs are 5-0!

And before we knew it we had to say goodbye to Dad and Melanie.  We had such an amazing time with them.  Love you both to the moon and back!  Already looking forward to our future NYC adventures together. :) 


P.S.  This little lady stopped by for a few hours between her flights.  Some supper and a shower later and she was off to SINGAPORE!!  Miss you so much already, Cass.  Everyone go read about their Singapore adventure on her blog.  

{all photos by me}
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