weekend recap

Oh, Monday, you're such a drag.
How was you weekend?  
Ours was simple and pretty much all about sports.
Here are a few photos...

I have no photos of Friday because it was not pretty.
Work until late and then straight to bed.
That was it. 

Saturday was better.
I woke up super early and enjoyed the quiet and got some non-work work done.
You know, all the other stuff you have to take care of in life - wedding gifts, grocery lists, a recap of fall fashion (coming soon to the blog!).
Thankfully, Lily was there to help me.

It's amazing how different your Saturday can be when you wake up before 7am.
After working a few hours, we headed to the park.
Where in true New York fashion, there was a guy tuning a full-size upright piano.
Only other place this would be a normal sight would be my hometown of Lawrence, KS. 

Saturday afternoon we headed to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game.
What a turn out! The place was packed.

I kept score again.  It's changing the way I watch the game.
I am so much more into the details now. So fun.
And I got to color in way more diamonds this game, albeit most were for the Red Sox.

We thought for a while that the Yankees might have a shot to come back and win.
Not so much.  But still a great day at the ballpark.
We only have two games left this season with our season tickets. :(

We came home and took "naps" before the KU game.
Except we didn't wake back up until 9:30. Wups!
I spent the rest of Saturday night catching up on New York Fashion Week in my most fashionable ensemble.
(Yes those are fleece sweatpants from Old Navy circa 1999.  Be jealous.)

Sunday was an AMAZING day.
Al had done some research and read of a Chiefs bar (John Brown Smokehouse) in Long Island City, Queens.
He organized a group of us to go to, but we were all pretty skeptical.
We've had bars promise to show the Chiefs game, only to shove us in a corner with a tiny TV while we're surrounded by Giants/Jets fans.
(For those of you who don't realize, it's almost impossible to get the NFL Network via DISH in New York.  Buildings here don't let you put a satellite on your window.  The only way to watch a non-regional game is to go to a bar that gets the NFL Network.)
The Manhattan skyline from Queens.
There wasn't a Jets fan in sight here.  
Only a sea (okay more like a small puddle - there were about 20 fans) of red and two huge TVs showing only the Chiefs game (WITH SOUND!)

Oh, and also, they serve BBQ.  Kansas City style. 
Truly I think the best bbq we've eaten in New York and we've tried a lot.
The ribs and burnt ends were out of this world. Go and get them. Eat them. Get seconds.
Turns out the owner grew up in Shawnee, KS.  
He and his staff (and even the other patrons) were all so friendly and nice.
It was seriously one of the most fun days we've had.
I thought Al was going to shed tears of happiness.
Needless to say, you know where to find us every Sunday this fall.

Oh, and they have a mural of John Brown on the outside patio.  NBD.

Back at home we took Lily to the park and ate tuna sandwiches for dinner.
No giant Sunday supper when you eat all that BBQ for lunch.

Now it's back to work for another busy week.
Although, I'd rather be at home with this frog-dog.
Cheers to a stress-free week!
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