booties, booties, booties!

booties, booties, booties!
I don't know about you guys, but I am LOVING all the booties out there right now. They are perfect to help transition your jeans and tee shirts from this summer right into fall.  Just add a scarf, a chunky sweater, and a pair of booties and you're set!  I also love what a bootie (heeled or flat) can do for a cocktail or work-style dress.  It just adds that extra oomph of style and edge.

My only problem is I can't decide which ones are my favs!  I'm thinking I need both a black and a brown pair.  Maybe one heeled, one flat?  Hmm but I do love that grey suede too.  Do I want to go moto or western?  This is the internal battle I've been facing for the past three weeks and I have GOT to hurry up and get some.  My wardrobe needs them stat.

So.  Who's getting which booties?

P.S.  I obviously consulted my stylist friend, Ashley.  She agreed with me that I should get the second pair on the bottom row. (Although now that I look at this again today maybe I want the Coach ones on the bottom row??)  Ashley's favorite for her is the last pair on the first row.  Just another opinion to throw in the mix for you. :) 

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