friday finds

Happy Friday!  
What are your plans for the weekend?  
Ours our pretty relaxed.  
A lot of sports spectating and I have got to finish my books this weekend!  
I'm at that point where I must finish.  
Other than that, I'm excited for the weather to be a bit cooler. 
It's starting to feel like fall!

Here's what I'm liking from the internet these past few days.
Giving you a lot of links since my posting was pretty non-existent this week. 
(I'll be back on track on Monday, whew!)


Planning to do this dark lip a lot this fall.
From Rachel Zoe's Joey Maloof.  
Love him!

I don't know why that profession fascinates me so much - probably because it's one of my dream jobs!
(via The Amateur Gourmet)

I'm not a big "fall" home decor person.
I would like to be - I just don't have storage space for all that stuff in its off-season.
This printable is about the extent of my decor - no storage required. :)
I have it hanging in a frame on our gallery wall.

Speaking of homes, THIS HOUSE is just lovely and the right amount of quirky.
I particularly love the kitchen.
And that they, "...wanted it to feel like your grandmother lived there - but a grandmother who had really great taste."

I've heard so many great things about this book and young author.
Although, I also really want to read this.
Maybe I'll do another read two books at once thing.

Whoa Helen Miren!

I love stuff like this!

A cute little way to adorn a bottle of wine for a gift.
I ordered some to keep on hand for last minute hostess gifts.

I found my New Years Eve dress.
Three months early.

Have a terrific weekend!


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